Wednesday, October 21, 2009

thats life

Lala loves her Papa!
Lavender has sensitive skin. She has a spot of infected eczema on the back of her neck. Of course it got really bad and itchy on saturday. She hardly slept at all that night. On monday we went to see her doctor, got some ointment for it and by saturday night she was smiling at her Papa. When I saw her smile I realized that she hadn't smiled for 2 days. How awful to not see my baby smile for 2 whole days! I was upset that it took so long for me to notice.
Anyway, Adam's dad has been here visiting. Its been nice having someone make breakfast for me every morning but I fear that Lavender has totally been spoiled and will scream when she gets put down. Its hard to tell a grandparent to stop picking up their grand daughter... its been a long week in this little apartment.


Janet said...

What a little cutie!!! Oh, by the way...there's no such thing as a spoiled baby!

Josh-n-Kim said...

lol...oh do I know how you I love her smile!!! Hows life away from Telos? Are you loving it?

Nalani Mixon said...

I love you :)