Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did I miss something?!?

Well, well, well.... I'm here!! I had almost completely forgotten about this little page, much to the chagrin of my Mother, I'm sure.  I guess I should spark this thing up again since I will be spending more time at home soon enough.  
So... here I am sitting at home in front of this computer drinking liquid goodness (roastarama) and eating peanut butter toast wondering what there is to really wright about.  I haven't done anything really exciting, except grow a life in my abdomen.  Its getting big by the way.  My abdomen.... not the life... well, I guess it is too... kinda connected.  Anyway, I am looking forward to going on maternity leave because I am getting exhausted at work. I don't know how other women do it!  Maybe if I sat down all day I wouldn't mind but running around the Academy is kicking my butt!
Adam is working at the foundry still and loves it for the most part, besides a pinched nerve in his shoulder.
We started our hypnobirthing classes last week and we are both really excited about it. 33 weeks today... not much time left.  I should probably try to gather more things that we need.  I'm procrastinating of course. 
Wow...I'm kind of boring.
I will end this with the hope that it will be more interesting for others to read when I write next... and soon, I hope. :)