Thursday, February 28, 2008

on the road

here we are at 5:30 am. We are getting ready to leaving Shanon and Matt's house. We said our tearful and silly goodbyes last night. Both cars are all packed up and the trailer and truck have had their weight test runs. We stop in Memphis tonight! We will see ya'll in Utah!!!
Please keep us in your prayers as we are worried we may hit some inclimate weather.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Here we are. Not counting today I have 2 more days of work left. I am so excited! We have officially moved out of the house and are staying with my sis-in-law. I am off of work and am briefly typing this before running to the house to help Adam pack a few things and clean like crazy! Tomorrow is our last Sunday here and I am spending the afternoon with the girls from the shop. I will update you as the days grow closer.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two Weeks and Counting

The official countdown has begun. There have been other count downs but none of them as official as this official countdown. In exactly 2 weeks we will be experiencing our first day on the road. The last few days have been chaos. Fun, but chaos.

Thursday was the funeral for Adam's Grandmother. Nellie Rowena Mills was buried in a pink casket. It was beautiful! Adam, his brother Jeremy and myself sang Nearer My God to Thee. It went off without a hitch. The boys held back the tears and the voice cracks until right after the last note. It really was beautiful. Jeremy sang bass, I sang the alto part and Adam sang the melody.
There are a lot of family visiting from out of town for the funeral. Adam's brother has 2 teenagers and a small baby. We gave up the house that we live in to them and the in-laws that own the house, and are staying with Jeremy and his wife Bonnie (Bonzaii) We have been having soo much fun!!! We stayed the first night on wed. We all woke up together and went to the funeral on Thursday, stayed the night. Friday, Bonzaii and I had to work, but we stayed the night again. Saturday i worked but it was a short day and now we are going to stay the night again. SLEEP OVER!!

It has been really fun. The family staying at our house went home Friday!! We have been meaning to spend time with Jay and Bonzaii but it has been crazy hard trying to coordinate our free time, but this was a really great opportunity to have 2 on 2 time with them. We will miss them a lot. I think Adam will really miss Jay when we move out there so Bonzaii and I have been encouraging them to go off and do their 'brother stuff'
I better go I think we are going to play another board game.
Things are coming along great!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Here we are. Three weeks and counting until the move and Adam and I are sick as dogs. Things are absolutley chaotic!! Where to begin....
A week ago, I had come home from work to a lovely mac'n'cheese dinner and a movie (3:10 to Yuma) prepared by my sweet hubby. All of a sudden in the middle of a movie I felt like my eyelashes were folded into my eye. I went to the mirror to look and what did I see? I watched as a blood vessal burst in my eye. WEIRD! So for the last week I have has a Zombie eye! I forget about it because I dont feel it at all.
We went through the drive thru at the bank and the teller kept staring and smiling at me, I couldn't figure out why. As we were driving away I asked Adam why she was acting so odd. He had to remind me that I had a Zombie eyeball.
So needless to say I have been a little stressed. I got sick about 4 days after my eye incident and Adam is only 1 day behind me in our crumminess. I stayed home from 1 and a half days of work and didn't go to church this morning.
And now for the Grand Finale!!!!!!
Adam's grandmother, his last living grandparent, passed away about an hour ago. Adam is in good spirits about it though, she was 84 and smoked like a chimney. All her grandchildren would joke and say that the niccotine had petrified her. The last conversation Adam had with her was really good! She was in a rare 'good mood' and joked and giggled with Adam about how they used to play scrabble together. Also, a few days ago out of the blue she spoke to her younger sister who she hadn't spoken to in about 60 years!!!!! Her sister didn't stop the car when grandma Nell (Adam's grandma) needed to use the restroom, and she wet herself, and told her sister she would never speak to her again. 60 years ago!!!!! Too much work for me!
Crazzyness!! We are very glad that she finally felt like speaking to her sisters. ( I've met them both. They were always so sad whenever Nell came up. It would break your heart!!) is very chaotic around here and I wish I would write more but i am usually exhausted by the time I get home. We have sold almost all of our belongings. (The big stuff at least!) We only have boxes to bring to Utah now. I guess in a way it is better that Grandma Nell went before we moved because who knows if we would be able to afford travel to come to the funeral.