Sunday, May 30, 2010


I cant believe so much time has passed since my last post! How the heck did that happen?! Lavender has 4 almost 5 new teeth now and is too stinkin' cute for her own good. A while ago I started working at the David Douglas Salon part time and love it there. It is a good fit. Luckily I did start working there because a few weeks ago Adam got laid off and is now looking for work wherever we can find it. My boss was pleased to hear that I wanted more hours so now I am working almost full time.
Luckily we have this beautiful little girl to keep us occupied! It's hard to not be happy when she smiles at you like this!!

Showing off my 2 bottom teeth. I have 2 on top to match now!

Love this one!!

Thank you Auntie Melinda for my cute swimsuit! It fits perfect now!

I love this little sideways look. She does it to her Papa a lot. Too cute!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Day

Yeah yeah! I know I'm 2 weeks late! This past Valentine's Day marked our 6 year anniversary. I cant believe how time has flown! We did nothing special and enjoyed every minute of it!

These were our V-day outfits! We HAD to wear pink and red! I don't have much to say things are much of the same around here but I may be getting some work soon. I'll keep you posted.
Here is a little video of Adam playing with Lala. He can really get her giggling! I love it!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I needed to post this. This is her favorite thing. She gets her bouncer going so hard that her head gets bounced off of it! Plus I caught her favorite sound on film! It was a lucky shot, and I needed to show it off. :P

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Little Things

Almost two months ago I was washing a load of laundry when I smelt burnt rubber. I went running to the source of the smell (our bathroom/laundry room) and opened the door to a room full of smoke. It made our whole apartment stink! I opened all the windows and Lala and I hung out in our winter coats and snuggled in blankets for an hour. Losing something like a washer in an area that isn't exactly polluted with laundromats, is quite traumatic. Of course I had a great time going to my sisters house to use her washer but its just not the same. There are things that needed washing that got put on hold because of the inconvenience of it. The floor mats for example.
So here I am on this beautiful monday morn*-wait.. its afternoon already? er.... beautiful Monday afternoon, my shower curtain is soaking in the washer while my jeans are in the dryer. Lala is snoozing, the washer and dryer are humming from behind the bathroom door, I'm sitting down to have some lunch and update my resume. (side bar: I found a salon to work in)
Today is a good day to stop and appreciate what I have. What little things did you notice today?

my lonely shower curtain hooks. I think they are pretty, and I love the shadow behind.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Top 10

I have been blog surfing and I have seen a few people making a Top 10 list of either things from '09 or a list of resolutions for '10. I have always thought it is a good idea to write goals down to help your sub-conscience remember. Since I am a new Mamma, I am turning over a new leaf and this is the first time I am making New Years resolutions. I don't know if I can accomplish all ten but I may as well try, right? So here they are in the order that they pop into my head:

1. I am going to knit a sweater for myself. I have knitted many things for friends and family but nothing for myself.
2. I am going to make pillow covers for the pillows on my couch.
3. I am going to copy the smock that my Sis-in-law gave me and make me another one that doesn't have asian cartoon characters on it... and isn't lime green. :)
4. Knit, knit, knit! I want to design things. or see something and figure out how to make it (generally) so I will need to get more practice!
5. Spin, spin, spin! Right now I have 2 garbage bags full of unspun yarn under my couch. I really want to felt with the short staple and...
6. I want to pick, clean, dye and maybe even spin (if I'm not biting off more than I can chew).
7. Really?! Am I only on 7?... I am going to stock my kitchen with the dishes I want and the utensils I want. I don't own a muffin tin, and my 1 cookie sheet is kinda pathetic.
8. I am going to stock up my family's food storage. Which means I will be canning like crazy this summer!
9. I'm running out of ideas! This one involves my sisters photographic expertise. I am going to take a ton of gorgeous advertisement photos for my parents jewelry business Walker Goldsmiths. I have a bunch of ideas already, I just need to put them into action.
10. I am going to go outside!! I want to make more of an effort to enjoy the parks and canyons around where I live. Its one of the reasons Adam and I moved here so I should enjoy it!

There you have it folks! This post actually took me 2 days to write. I thought 10 would be easy but it turned out to be more difficult than I had thought.
What are you goals for this year?

and here's a pic of Lala enjoying her sink bath... just because she's so damn cute!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My name is Olea, and I'm a knitter.

Over the last few years I taught myself how to knit and I LOVE it. This Christmas I made Christmas gifts for the Stier family and have a bunch of projects for friends and family I'm working on now. Up until recently I have followed patterns I've found online and if I ran into something I didnt know how to do it would be a learning experience. Here is a hat I saw a picture of and came home and knit. It was the first time I've been able to do that! Yay!! It is very simple and I got to practice grafting (I just learned how) plus I got to make pom poms for the first time.
I'm sending this hat to my niece Cora. I think it will be perfect for her!

More of my crafty creations to come, I'm sure of it.