Sunday, January 24, 2010

My name is Olea, and I'm a knitter.

Over the last few years I taught myself how to knit and I LOVE it. This Christmas I made Christmas gifts for the Stier family and have a bunch of projects for friends and family I'm working on now. Up until recently I have followed patterns I've found online and if I ran into something I didnt know how to do it would be a learning experience. Here is a hat I saw a picture of and came home and knit. It was the first time I've been able to do that! Yay!! It is very simple and I got to practice grafting (I just learned how) plus I got to make pom poms for the first time.
I'm sending this hat to my niece Cora. I think it will be perfect for her!

More of my crafty creations to come, I'm sure of it.


*Melinda* said...

So Cool! You are feeling confident! I love that!!! Cora wont take that off when she does get it! Keep up the good work!

the v hawley said...

hello, olea. i feel like this is a ka meeting (knitters anonymous, der).
and you are right...we should hang out.
aaand...i think you're awesome too.

Nalani Mixon said...

I'm learning how to knit! I bought a knit kit. I have done the bookmark, and just finished the scarf (Matt claimed it) I am now working on the washcloth, only i felt casting on with 32 wasn't big enough so I did 75 instead...after all Ken has big hands.