Monday, April 14, 2008

well, well, well.

Where to begin...

We are in our apartment. We found (well my aunt Xanthe found) a one bedroom basement apartment for $500. A pretty good deal. We are close to everything we want to be close to. Our apartment has 6 big windows so for a basement apartment it is very light and we are starting to get settled.

The update that everyone wants to know is that transferring my license hasn't gone as smooth as it was supposed to. So as of today we are still waiting for all the right information to be sent to Utah state department of licensing. ARGH!!

But the good news is today I got a job! I interviewed last Tuesday for a mentoring position @ Telos school for boys. They told me I would know by that Friday (the 11th). I didn't hear from them so I figured I would keep looking. Today I got a call from them offering me the Mon, Tues, and Sat morning shift. Also 1 Sunday a month I will pull a double shift. The cool thing is that all the boys (teenagers) have to go through triathlon training and I will be working out with them. It's a really great program that encourages healthy lifestyles along with healthy thinking. YEAH!!! So all the other days I will be able to do hair and build a clientele and soon open my own shop!

Over all Adam and I are having a really good time here. We go on little adventures together to get lost and then find out where we are. We have been having a lot of fun getting to know my cousin's and their families. Especially little Olea. She is soo squishy!! I love the thought of being around as she grows older! We have been to IKEA 4 times since we have been here and 2 of those times were with Ben and Kristina. Then on Ben McPherson's birthday, Adam and I went to IKEA with him....twice. It was really pretty funny, although I'm not so sure Ben had as good of time as we did!

Well, love to all those who have been harassing me for an update, and since Benji (Stier) let me use their laptop for my computer I promise I will keep updating more often.