Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Mind

Well, a few weeks has gone by since I have written and honestly it will probably be like that a lot. I rarely feel like chatting or writing once I get home after working and if I try to make myself write more often I would just sit here staring at the blank screen until my eyes hurt. SO, you get what you get.
Here I am on a sunday night at 10:00 drinking Tension Tamer with honey. When I get to the last 4 ounces of my cup I go back to the kitchen and fill my cup almost full again with hot water which I'm sure is something I have picked up from my mother watering down everything I drank as a child.
My husband kind of shakes his head as he sees me fill the cup back up. "I just dont like the concentrated stuff at the bottom!" I exclaim.
He looks back at the video game he is playing, Madden I think, " I didn't say anything!" he says smiling.
I have a lot on my mind right now. Moving - Danny needs to get a hold of Adam. Adam needs to figure out what he is going to do about UCS - his power-washing business. Will his partner be willing to sell his half to Adam?
I still need to hang those red and white sparkly snowflake things at work that were supposed to be up at the beginning of the month but I have been holding out as long as I can to appease the anarchist in me to help deplete the already over commercialized Christas Holiday. Whatever happened to Thanksgiving? I need to print out the cosmo licensing transfer form so I can transfer my license. Man, I am really having a hard time typing on Mac's new flat keyboard!
I really dont want to wait until spring to move. I am having such a hard time focusing at work. I hate being a slack boss but I just dont care if so and so thought that today was a jeans day and is wearing jeans instead of slacks.
My friend Carol called a little while ago and I had absolutley nothing to report.
I have a lot of not important things on my mind too. I love Tom Waits. wait, I dont love him, I love his music. My all time favorite song is one he wrote. It's not particularly fantastic but it makes me get really cool pictures in my head and if I was much of an artist I would draw it. Actually, if I really try I'm not that bad, but I have to admit that I am scared to try drawing what I picture because I know it wont do it justice. If your wondering, the song is Time. It's the last song on the Beautiful Maladies album. The song has a lot of different things in it but the thing I picture has to do with a girl and a razor and dead pigeons at her feet. Ok, I realized that may make you thnk that the song is dark but it really isn't. It makes me miss walking around the train yard in Bellingham with a big 50's style furcoat (fake) and a bottle of whisky. Wow, once again that sounds a lot worse than it really was. I should change the subject.
I made bacon today. Yes, Bacon. For those of you who have never ever eaten with Adam and I over the last 4 years, we used to be vegetarian. Since we have started eating meat we have both eaten bacon but, we have not bought it to make. We had breakfast for dinner and Adam, yes Adam, suggested I make the bacon that he purchased the other day. I admit I was a little surprised! We still dont eat steak or red meat and I really have no desire to.
This whole entry has been pretty boring for somone whe doesn't know me, maybe even for those who do. Anyway I dont have a whole lot going on right now. Just a lot of hurry up and wait.

Adam's birthday is on Saturday the 17th. That's THIS saturday. Wow. He wants a new watch because his old one broke. I am getting off of work extra early.
Here is something funny. Adam teaches the 10-11 year old boys in primary at church. 2 weeks ago they had a lesson on bareing your testimony and the proper way to do that, what to say other than the primary testimony answers. The coming sunday was fast and testimony meeting so he made a deal with those boys that if they all got up and bore there testimony he would do it as well and he would take all 4 boys to see the Bee movie that just came out. So on fast sunday we saw 3 little boys look back at Adam and then all get up at once and then the other 1 followed right after. Adam then got up and bore his like he promised. After the meeting he had parents come up to him just floored that there 11 year old sons got up and gave a great testimony!!! Now, this Saturday, on his birthday, Adam and I have to take 4 little boys to see a movie!!! It will be so much fun!!!
This has been a huge babble entry but I figure I need to get in the habit of writing even if I dont have anything to say.

I am starting to read Beowolf. I never read it in school because for Junior English my teacher was really a baseball coach and he would read to us. I'm sorry but who reads out loud to 17 year olds right after lunch and doesn't expect them to fall asleep!! In any case, I dont remember what books we read in Junior year because my teacher was dumb. It's Adam's favorite book and he read it first and wants me to read it before we see the movie. We like to watch movies.

My hands are cold so maybe I should stop typing. I will write more a lot sooner than I did last time. I need to go knit to warm my hands up, besides the colts are doing better now so I can stand to watch the rest of the game.