Thursday, November 13, 2008


I know, I know I haven't posted in forever. I keep thinking about it if that helps..? No? Well *shrug* whatever.
The other day I went with Jessica to get out Christmas tree tags so we can cut down a Christmas tree this year. Super excited about that. We came prepared to wait in line for hours but instead were given a bracelet to come back sometime before 11:00. So we went for a drive looking at some houses for fun and went to breakfast with the boys. It was so much fun!! So often I forget how much I love my family! Maybe I just got used to not having them around that I don't remember that as an option of ways to spend my time...did that makes sense. I love being close to those boys!! After we got our tree permits we went for a walk on the paths around where we were. The boys needed to get out of the car for a while and came prepared to play in the snow so we did just that! I used my phone and got some pics of the boys...

Uly had a stick as wide as my wrist, and about 3 in. wide. He used it as a snow-eating utensil. He would scoop up snow on it and bite or lick the snow off of the stick. Most of the time I saw him spitting snow out but I'm sure he was eating just as much of it!

Gar. He loves me!! It just melts me. When Adam and I go over to visit the other day he saw Adam and said 'Hey uncle Adam...Aunt Olea!!!!' and ducked under Adam's arm to get to me! I like to point it out to Adam how much he likes me!

How can you not giggle at this little face!! I have to fight the urge to squish him!
Anyway, That was SO much fun with Jess and the boys. I cant wait till we all go cut down our trees, I think its a start to a great tradition!
That's all for now, I Am trying to write more... even though I'm not succeeding very often.