Thursday, November 13, 2008


I know, I know I haven't posted in forever. I keep thinking about it if that helps..? No? Well *shrug* whatever.
The other day I went with Jessica to get out Christmas tree tags so we can cut down a Christmas tree this year. Super excited about that. We came prepared to wait in line for hours but instead were given a bracelet to come back sometime before 11:00. So we went for a drive looking at some houses for fun and went to breakfast with the boys. It was so much fun!! So often I forget how much I love my family! Maybe I just got used to not having them around that I don't remember that as an option of ways to spend my time...did that makes sense. I love being close to those boys!! After we got our tree permits we went for a walk on the paths around where we were. The boys needed to get out of the car for a while and came prepared to play in the snow so we did just that! I used my phone and got some pics of the boys...

Uly had a stick as wide as my wrist, and about 3 in. wide. He used it as a snow-eating utensil. He would scoop up snow on it and bite or lick the snow off of the stick. Most of the time I saw him spitting snow out but I'm sure he was eating just as much of it!

Gar. He loves me!! It just melts me. When Adam and I go over to visit the other day he saw Adam and said 'Hey uncle Adam...Aunt Olea!!!!' and ducked under Adam's arm to get to me! I like to point it out to Adam how much he likes me!

How can you not giggle at this little face!! I have to fight the urge to squish him!
Anyway, That was SO much fun with Jess and the boys. I cant wait till we all go cut down our trees, I think its a start to a great tradition!
That's all for now, I Am trying to write more... even though I'm not succeeding very often.


Janet said...

Gosh, you get all the fun! So when do you get to go for trees? Great pictures with a phone! What a day you live in, Girl! I love it how each of those boys is so different, yet so alike, cute, that is! Miss you...Hope Adam had fun with his family visiting. Did they get to stay long? Enjoyed the link to the Iceland site...

Trena said...

I am so jealous you get to hang out with those cute boys all the time! How fun! I love that you get to pick out your Christmas tree too and it's so fresh. Kiss those cute boys for me!