Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Who would have thought that I would love this so much? Sure it is hard and I miss communicating with adults. Shame on me for doubting that I would enjoy this! The funny thing is that I'm not just enjoying the mothering part of it. I'm having a good time becoming a better homemaker... I know... Olea?! a homemaker?!
I have been successfully following through on my promise to myself; that I would learn how to cook (and do so more often) once I was staying at home more. The internet sure helps! I have been looking up ideas and recipes and they have been turning out pretty good if I say so myself! I'm rather proud of it actually. Here are some pictures of Lavender for your viewing pleasure
Say what?

Lavender enjoying her Baby Einstein dvd. It amazes me how much she likes them. Her favorites are the Baby's first signs, Baby Beethoven, and Baby Mozart.


Mike said...

wow Olea, she is beautiful! I love the you looking at me face! Lucky you with Baby Einstein, Daylin HATES movies, no matter what, TV holds her attention for about 2.3 seconds...

Janet said...

So freakin' cute!!! Atta' Girl with the homemaker goals! Love ya, xxxooo