Monday, September 28, 2009

Our trip to the Doctor!

Lavender has eczema!! You can kind of see all the little red spots on her tummy and her entire neck is red and rough. It started a few weeks or so ago. I had been putting apricot kernel oil on her and that kept it at bay but did not seem to make it go away. I made the mistake of switching to baby oil and BOOM! breakout... Plus she got her first set of shots. She did really well, only screamed for the second shot (the nurse said that is the one that stings). But she recovered very well and has been sleeping and snuggling her mama and papa all day! Its so hard to see her uncomfortable! As the day has progressed I have been putting Eucerin on her and the redness is starting to fade a bit. We'll see how the bath helps tonight!

On a better note.. she is 13lbs and 25in. She gained 2.5 lbs and 2in. in the last month!! 2 inches is a lot!! She is at a 93%. But did anyone doubt that she would be a big girl? I didn't think so.


Miss Myra said...

its tough to be little... and in my case its tough to be big. our bodies just have a rough time..:)

Cutzi said...

Hey! I made your favorites list! ;-)

I assume you're breast feeding? Have you considered eliminating gluten or dairy from your diet? Just something you might consider if it gets worse or doesn't go away.

She sure is cute, cute, cute! And I just love her name. I think I've said that.... a lot....

Olea said...

Yes, I have just finished my first day without dairy. We'll see if it helps. I am also rubbing lotion on her throughout the day as well as Apricot Kernel oil on her face.
Thanks! I think she's pretty cute too!