Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Wow! Time has just flown by! A whole lot has been going on in our neck of the woods. We have started to buckle down and really get ready for our move. (yeah!!) We have sold our couch and big puffy chair, our kitchen table, and one of our bookcases. So we are making a little extra money and puting it in our savings to get a place to live when we get out there.
I have officially put in my notice! My last day of work is February 26th. I can't wait!!!! I'm sick of it, not because it's a bad place to work but because I am excited to start our next adventure.
It snowed here on Saturday. Just about 2 inches. It didn't stick to the pavement but Adam and I enjoyed watching it fall. We had some friends over for dinner so we rant o the grocery store right as it was starting to really come down to get some makins for dinner.
Other than that we haven't done much. We are just truckin' along trying to pack all of our aquired junk and get rid of the things we dont need. I feel like a pack rat sometimes!
I'll keep you posted on our progress!


kristina said...

Yaeee, Ben and I are so excited for you guys to move out here!!

Jessica Stier said...

Wooooooo-Hooooooo!!!!! Come on February, Fly by so Olea & Adam can get here!!!

Janet said...

You kids are on an adventure for sure!!! We love you and pray for you and all the best going!