Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Big Move

Where to start, where to start?
We moved to Washington. Thats a good place to start, right? It has been both really, really cool and really, really hard at the same time. We are broke, but that is to be expected when you first start to live the life of an artist. I am so proud of my Monkey!! He is pursuing the life he wants, and as frustrated as he gets, he still is a great father and husband. I am going to be taking the state boards again (lame) in WA because they don't recognize my active license.
We are living in a cabin on the beach which is very fitting for a small family of starving artists! I love it! I have worked all winter to get the yard in good condition for the spring. I am very excited for all my flowers!
We don't have internet at the cabin yet so it will be a little while till I can update again.
Dont lose faith in me! I will be back as soon as I can.
Here is a photo of Lala to keep you at bay, until next time.
p.s. She is talking in sentences and starting to potty train herself!! How did I get so stinkin' lucky!?!?!


Emiangelcat said...

It has been so great to have you here Olea. Lala is such a treasure. I spent the last sunday in nursery and she is such a cutie. I am so touched by your outlook and you are an example to me. Stay positive and may God bless you.

Emiangelcat said...

Actually it is not Emianglecat it is sis Mix. I guess I was in emilees account. sorry

Emiangelcat said...
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Jen S. said...

You need to post more. :)

Tina T-P said...

Hi - I got your eamil about Spindrifters, but you didn't give me a way to contact you. Please email me at spindrifters1 at hotmail dot com Thanks. Tina, newsletter person for Spindrifters Guild

Anonymous said...

Hi Olea,

I'm not sure if you will even see this-

Anyway-I see you moved back to WA-if you ever have time and want to get together, I would love to see you. I don't have a facebook or myspace any more but my email is k.iacono at I hope all is well for you and your family.

Kristin Iacono (Older) :)