Wednesday, July 23, 2008 what?

I know, I know, I really stink at this whole blog thing!
I feel like I have been working a lot lately but when I really count up hours I have not been working nearly as much as I did while in NC. Maybe because it seems like that's all we do? Adam has been working on a sculpture of Christ's hand that he is going to make some bronze casts out of. He is pretty excited about that. His boss thinks he could make a couple thousand if he sold 1 of them. But I guess the trick is to find the buyer first!
We knew that we were supposed to move to Utah. But now what? We both had great ideas about what could happen here but knew that it all wouldn't happen at once. It feels kind of stagnant now. what?
I woke this morning with a splitting headache and feeling nauseus when ever I stood up. Eating helped for a little while but now I feel crappy again. Which isn't helping the feeling of having to wait for something. We are sure that we can't just sit around waiting for something to happen to us so we are doing what we can by working and keeping a float I guess. It broke my heart not being able to go home to the Rez and seeing pictures from that didn't help.
So here is what my positive attitude training from my mother has taught me; I am setting little goals of things to look forward to. Mom and Da are coming to Moab at the end of September and we are going down there to go camping and spend time with them and attend the Walker Reunion. After that I dont know.... it seems this year is flying by, but with little events for us to freckle the year with memories.
I have had a lot of fun visiting family and am helping out at Randy's Mechanical Inc. while all the Farnworths are at Gramma's Lake. Something different.
Work is going well and we are not hurting to bad financially....Just feels like someone in the room is holding their breath. what?


*Melinda* said...

BABY? :) You know you have to have one before we can get preggers...

Mike said...

Yo Olea!

Congratulations on something you couldn't talk about in front of Chris and Larry! I'm WAAYYYY excited for you. You should Blog more!