Tuesday, June 10, 2008

time flies when your working your butt off

well here I am. I'm still alive I promise. It has been forever since I have posted. I realize that I promised I would right more often. So far I have not followed through on that promise!
Today was crazy!! I did a 14 mile bike ride 7 miles up the canyon and 7 miles down. It was a lot of fun although I feel like I got my butt kicked! It is very soar! It's hard to motivate teenage boys to keep pedaling as your gasping for breath. Actually I did pretty good for not having done anything that intense in a long time.

I promised some pictures of our teeny little abode and here they are:

This is our cute little living room! It has this great little shelf all the way around so we were able to stack our wine boxes up and make a bookcase/DVD case.

Can you tell we are used to bigger space! We are trying hard to downsize constantly!

This is our cute little kitchen and beyond is out cute little bathroom, I mean laundry room, no wait I mean bathroom.....
We are doing well here.
Our landlord is super cool. We invited him to dinner...using his BBQ 2 weeks ago, and this week we helped celebrate his daughters 11th birthday with him and his family. It is amazing the horror stories he has told us of past renters he has had. People who don't want to be disturbed by him or think that he is privileged that they are renting from him. Dumb people! He is a really cool guy, we are blessed that his renters were moving out when they did.
Adam is enjoying his job. He struggles with it sometimes, but he admits a lot of his struggle is just because it is like no other job he has ever had.
I am loving my job and am looking for a salon to work at. I think I may have found a place to rent a booth from. I don't know all the details about it, but I will keep you posted!
That is all for now.

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Ken Mixon said...

Hey Olea and Adam!

I like your apartment. You know, have a smaller place to live can be a good thing. Since you don't have a lot of extra room to store stuff, you're forced to made decisions about what you actually NEED. In my opinion, every opportunity to simply one's life should be taken.

It's great to see you guys are adjusting well. We miss ya'll!