Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We have arrived!!

We made it! With only a few near death experiences, we arrived at Jessica's house late Saturday night. Things were fine all the way across the states until the last 15 miles when we got hit with a freaking blizzard! Adam and I were a little freaked out when we both got stuck in the snow and couldn't move anywhere, him in the truck with all of our belongings and me in the Honda with a walkie-talkie to communicate with him. We were a little spooked but we made it. 15 miles took us an hour and a half but we made it safe and sound.
We are staying with my big sister and her husband and 3 little boys. So much fun!!! These boys are so silly! which of course is perfect for Adam!
We are trying to find an appartment now. nothing over $650. We really dont want anything too nice because we dont have any furniture! We have our first appointment to see a place that my aunt Xanthe set us up wth. It sounds nice. It is a one bedroom appt. with 6 Windows! I like the idea of all that light coming in. It would really do my plants some good!! We made some calls to talk to a few other places about their availability but so far we haven't heard anything back. I will update as soon as anything interesting happens. It's exciting to start over and I was really ready for it.


Jessica Stier said...


I'm SO happy you are here.

I love you.

The Tulett Family said...

I didn't realize you had just now moved to Utah! I can't believe you guys braved all the crazy weather. I'm glad you made it safely! I'm so glad to have another blogging friend!

Jenny L. said...

I'm really glad you made it!! <3

But I am selfishly missing you very, very much right now. is me!