Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In The Beginning

Ok. Here I am. Finally stepping into the year 2007 (just before it ends) to partake in the seemingly universal pasttime of blogging. I'm not good at computers, but in an effort to force an interaction between them and myself I started this blog. Plus I love to write but I stink at it. I have tons of cool notebooks for keeping journals but I...i...well.. I'm just busy. No that's not an excuse... I'm lazy after being busy all day. Plus I love to type. I've always been good at it since Mr. Smiths 8th grade keyboarding class @ Vista Middle school.
I imagine now is the time I should introduce myself. My name is Olea Mills. I just turned 26 on Oct. 18th. I have the most amazing husband named Adam. I am still overwhelmed at the thought that people can be as in love as I am and still function day to day. Before we got married I remember thinking "Wow! We're never going to get anything done!" I was right, when we are together we dont get a lot done, except cuddling. Lot's of successful cuddling and smooching. You could say we're experts! I am a hairstylist. I manage a salon in Cary, NC called Cost Cutters. I am also on the Design Team for the Cost Cutters Devision of the Regis Corp. Which means I teach stylists within the nine stores in the area, any continuing education that may be required to ensure that our stylists are executing the best services they can.

WHEW!! That was a mouthful!!!
Adam is out of town and today is my day off so here I am with the laundry and the dishes done, playing on the computer with the Jekyll and Hyde musical soundtrack playing singing at the top of my lungs. I used to do a bit of musical theatre and sing in a do-wop trio. I dont have a piano so it makes me excercise my pipes.. and if you have never herd the Jekyll and Hyde soundtrack check it out...freaking fantastic!

anyway.... i will try to post some pictures of Adam and I to start off right!


Jessica Stier said...

Welcome to Blogdom!

I love you.

Ben said...

Looking forward to spying on you and Adam's life via the blog. You can only go so far with myspace, ya know?

PS Do-wop trio? SWEET!

*Melinda* said...

Blog more!

Anonymous said...

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